In 2017, walking through the corridors of TVR, the national TV station of Romania, was a woman with an accent. Up on stage she went, this Scandinavian singer in a foreign land. 

That singer was me.

I'm Lina - singer, songwriter and tour guide (that's another story).

I was born in Sweden, a land of forest, mountains, fields and cold beauty. Though my heart was lost to another wilderness. 


The music I make is diverse. There's some pop in there, and there's some country. 

I care that the songs are a joy to sing, I care about the emotions they spark and the words I put out. 

I want to create little landscapes with music. I want to create concepts that takes you somewhere else. 
Because music is storytelling and about connection. 

Now, if you pay attention, you'll find little references here and there. To history and to the places I've come to call home.


Now, the Carpathians are calling me. 

The Bio Part.
Lina is a singer and songwriter, a Swedish native but spends her life in countries like Romania, Hungary and Poland. Her voice is usually described as original and unique, and bear traces of her heroes like Tori Amos, Jewel or Emmylou Harris. 

In 2018 she was a semifinalist in Eurovision Romania, which was her second time in the competition. Her song "Trying" climbed the Beatport Trance Chart up to a respectable place 16 and her work has been mentioned by artists like Markus Schultz. She's performed at the New Media Europe Media Awards show in London, in 2016, for which she also wrote and produced the opening act. 

In 2019 Lina is releasing new material and touring Europe.