Well first, a hearty welcome to you. 
Thank you for stopping by. 
And since I am who I am:
Buna Ziua, Jó napot kivanok, Guten tag and Dzien Dobry. 

According to those who know, an about page should be about the "product"

Which puts you in a slightly awkward position when you, are in fact yourself the product. Which I am, as a singer and songwriter.  

So instead. This is who I am. 
I am a singer, a songwriter, a guide and professional traveller (yes, even on paper).  

Some facts that make me who I am: 

I have a (healthy) obsession with Eastern Europe. 
I've studied Hungarian in Budapest.
2017 I will study Romanian in Bucharest
I often come back to cities that begin with a B. Might be a coincidence. 

When I went through my bookcase I found 40 books that are waiting to be read.  Then I added 2 more. 
I like things that sparkle and I like folklore.
I sometimes use plastic and then I feel bad. 
I like my car. A lot. A lot.   
I enjoy listening to music in languages I don't understand. And I sing along too.
Often I don't know what I'm saying. 
I watch way too much TV and I drink a lot of coffee. 
Most TV shows are things I've seen before because that feels safe. 
I like wine and beer equally. 

But if you here for a short breakdown of what I've done, as a singer, as a musician: My previous work have been on the Beatport Trance chart, mentioned by DJ/music producer Markus Schulz and played on the radio. I've sang at more weddings than I can count, I've done bespoke songwriting for weddings, christenings and a major media conference in London (seriously, that IS impressive, isn't it. I mean, London)

I performed for 15.000 people at events connected to Eurovision in 2012. 
That was fun.

I've performed as one of Snow White's seven dwarfs at a local mall. That was equally as fun.
Or honestly, it was more fun.