Places where we meet

It's April

For some this means wedding season is kicking off (yes, brides in lace & tulle are gathering all over the globe)
For some it’s travel season (buses loaded with tourists, heading for sunshine and culture abroad)
For some it means shredding heavy layers for shorts
For some it’s bulking up in giant parkas, sitting outside, lapping up as much sun as possible
(this might be a purely Swedish thing though)

And it means we’re heading into “conferences and events season”

I know it’s not an “official” season. (And thank god it’s not. The name doesn’t really hold up. Sounds like businessmen clad in grey, holding stale cups of coffee, trying their best at making “interesting conversation” happen.)

Many of the best events takes place when the sun comes out. 

When flowers blossom and mercury climbs to a reasonable temperature.
And the aforementioned parka won’t take up valuable luggage space.

The word conference might bring up the word “networking” for you, which might bring up painful connotations. I know it does for me.
To begin with: the word “networking”. It makes my eyes roll and my stomach turn. 
It might be the worst buzzword of all time.

Second, I know those grey suits well. Once I had a “normal” job. It included networking.
But I kept running into people who weren’t there to meet anyone new. They didn’t go for the speakers, the other attendees or even the free coffee (my main motivation). They were there to check their “I’ve worked today” box. They were there for show.

But that’s the dark side (ok, semi-gray side).
There’s a light one too.

In 2014 I found out about the conference Alive in Berlin.

Before my brain could register what I’d done, I had my ticket. I did it with verve and spontaneity. I didn’t know a soul who’d go but, for no logical reason,  I knew that I had to.

My experience in the German capital changed a lot for me.

Not just that it was amazing fun, new and thrilling. 

On top of that, I made new friends. 

People who’ve become really important to me. 


We’re from different countries with different cultures. We have different work. We don’t necessarily agree on politics or on what’s “cool”. Yet, there’s a core within us that's the same.
And it overrides religion, race, opinions and bank accounts.

Alive in Berlin had another great round in 2015, which was the last.
I'll miss it, but it's impact lives on. Friendships lasts.

This year, I have my sights set on these:


Creative At Heart Conference - Several dates this year.

I’ve got my eye on Memphis this fall. The energy of Kat Schmoyer and the team is so infectious that I have the same inkling to go that I felt for Alive. This kind of “I have to be there no matter what” kind of thing.

Hybrid conference - August.

This seems like a very interesting contender this year. A conference for all creatives, in the same glorious city as Alive: Berlin

And now, the BEST. Yes, if you’re going to ONE event this year, this is it: 


New Media EuropeJune 18-19

Held in the city of all European cities: London

New Media Europe is lead by Izabela and Mike Russel, two of the loveliest people I've met. Not only that, they have this knack for making things happen and getting the best people join in on the fun.

On the surface, you could think it's just about media & business.

But it’s deeper than that.

It’s about creating the life you want and taking your ideas to fruition. 
It’s about going from waiting for the other shoe to drop, to living the life you aspire to.
It’s about going with your gut, and honor what’s in your heart
I know this might sound cheesy but it doesn’t make it less true.

it's about dreams. 

There’s a reason we have them.

And it’s not to pass the time.

Wouldn’t you know, I have something up my sleeve for this conference. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage and adding some smooth vocals to the evening portion of the conference. Yay and a somersault to that!

Looking to make new friends?

Read up, then join me and other dreamers in June.


Not sure it’s for you?

Email me (seriously. I'd love to help you figure out if this is for you or not)

I look forward to having coffee with you in June.