Brilliant Creative Work: Utopia

When I find someone doing something brilliantly, I want to talk about them. Note that I’m not an affiliate of what we’re about to jump into.  I just think they’re worthy of our attention. Especially if you want to infuse your own work with personality.

Utopia.  Dream, idea, fiction or possibly real? It’s a big word and  a great craving. Who wouldn’t want to live in a perfect world?

We live in a world that has the capacity for great joy and for great pain.

Not far from my quiet home in northern Europe, there’s an ocean where families risk their lives to save themselves from war. We’ve also seen attacks on freedom and our open society.


At the same time, it’s a world of abundance and happiness.

I had one of those moment the other day.

Sun shining in through our kitchen window, watching Modern Family, cake rising in the oven, licking the bowl (we all do it, right?).

It was a simple, warm, childlike moment of joy. A flash of true happiness.

Maybe utopia isn’t that far away.

a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions”

One possible problem thought, with any perfect society, is that one Utopia might not fit all. It’s a personal thing. But it’s a needed dream.

Just as businesses strives for monopoly (which wouldn’t serve them in the end), society needs to strive for Utopia. As the cliché says: reaching towards the stars is the only way to get to the treetops. Yet, without that dream, we wouldn’t come further than the lowest branch.

That would mean accepting pain and scarcity. That’s not my dream.

Utopia is a fascinating thought. Some authors, better than others, have explored that thought. Someone brilliant reminds us of that. Someone who makes candles. 

(cue raised eyebrows. Candles? Oh, now you lost the plot)

If you’ve peeked behind-my-scenes (if not, you can do it here), you know that I love using place as foundation for creative work. Place as in real (where we’ve been) and imaginary (what we’ve read).

Someone who does this amazingly well is The School of Life with their Utopia candles series.

They don’t just sell nice smelling candles that sits in a pretty box. They sell a something more: A candle with a larger than life identity.

In the series, each candle explores the idea of Utopia through a piece of literary work:

Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” (a life connected to nature)

Le Corbusier’s “City of tomorrow” (a perfect city of rational & contemporary architecture)

Plato’s “Republic” (a community ruled by wisdom)

Make sure you read each description for these candles & what they call  “the Utopia Passport”. It’s mind-blowingly simple, clean and inspirational.

Inspirational because:
They stand out in a crowded market (there’s plenty of candles)
They tell a story worth noting
They make us think - beyond interior design
They make us talk
And buying, they make you feel really smart. Like a person who reads.

It’s clever and it’s creative.

And the lesson: It’s never about the thing you create. It’s about the thought behind it.

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