When time speeds up.

Romania – te iubesc.

That has never been more true than right now. 

Have you ever found yourself in a time that moved faster than the current, faster than the wind? In something that can only be compared to a whirlwind?

The past weeks have been… I can’t really explain it. It’s like life has been enhanced.
Intensified, brighter colors, stronger emotions.

As I’m writing this, I’m in Bucharest. Bucuresti. 
Three years ago, I entered Romania at the Nadlac/Nagylak border. Things haven’t been the same since. And att that point in time I had no idea I would be here now.

It reminds me of how my life shifted when I moved to Budapest.
Budapest, who’s my home and my security.
Bucharest is my lover. And it's a passionate affair. 

This shift came just two-three weeks ago.
That Wednesday when I, like a nudge from above, checked how things were going for Romania in regards to Eurovison. And to my surprise, they were open for submissions.

So I sent in a song to Eurovision Romania, the national competition to select the country’s entry to Eurovision 2017 in Kiev.

And suddenly, within a week, I was in a gorgeous TV studio, performing.
And suddenly, I was on national TV.
Suddenly, I was in an experience so big, so full of love, so exhilarating that my head still has a hard time catching up with my heart.

And this, in turn, lead to a full page article in the biggest newspaper in my region at home; a radio interview with a person I truly admire and even waking up to find a small article in Romanian about myself. Whirlwind, there's no other word. 

Not only this, but simultaneously the people of Romania has risen up for democracy, for justice for all, for their future.

As a foreigner who’s planted her own roots here, I don’t have words for how much this inspires me.

We should all take note, we should all look at the Romanians as those who pave the way. This is how you hold your leaders accountable, this is why we need to care about politics, about our own society. We’re tied to it whether we want to or not

So with everything combined, my love for Romania grows deeper on a daily basis right now.

During that first adventure here those years ago, I did feel called – like I was meant to be here, even though I didn’t know why. I still don’t really know why, all I know is that it feels right.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we go live around 20 here in Romania, to find out the 15 who’ll move on to the semi-finals.

No matter who go through, this has been such a glorious experience. And each person I’ve met deserve creative success, honestly I’ve been moved with how loving everyone’s been. And when we cheer for one another’s abundance and success, that’s how we create more in our own life. These past few weeks have been a testament to that.

So that's what's happening. Hope you're having your own loving whirlwind.