Eurovision Romania 2018 - Part One

It's January. It's 2018. A whole new year, with new faces, new experiences, new opportunities and new snowfall. 

When I'm writing this it's Tuesday, and I just got back to Budapest from Bucharest - from being a semi-finalist in Eurovision Romania. A magical adventure. And there's no way I can fit it all into one post. 

Before I headed there, I started writing a little series, a "On the road to the semis" story. 
But I didn't have the space or focus to publish it before I got to Focsani. Instead, we'll begin now. 

And we begin at the beginning. So - Part One: 

On the road to the semi-finals. Part one. Jan 17 at 11:46pm
After writing this I asked myself this question - what will the reader get out of this? So before you head in, I'll sum it up: It's the emotional stuff before heading into Live TV and the physical manifestation of a LIFELONG DREAM.

12.44 Wednesday
Airport. A light  snowfall (to some would more likely called “drizzle”) is flowing towards the tarmac.

I’m restless. Can’t really focus, so a book is out of the question 

My mind wanders, it fumbles, it’s reaching and coming up with different threads

I hear a child speaking in Hungarian, and the strangest part of it all is that I’m on my way to Budapest. To Hungary, for a real live gig.
It has the feeling of an afterthought.

In normal circumstances - as in when I’m not about to be on Live Romanian Television - I would have felt jittery and nervous about this. Now it has a soothing normality about it. Budapest is familiar. Singing in a fancy bar is familiar. I’ve done this before, many times. 

When I get really nervous, when I'm on that brink of anxiety or excitement, I feel nauseous. 

Part of me would like to trade places with someone else - I suddenly yearn for when I can stay in my pyjamas watching TV all day........

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