A year later

Where I last left you, I had just performed in Eurovision Romania for the semi-final in Focsani.
This was a year ago.
2018 took off like a rushing river. What followed was more TV, more Romania and new adventures.

In short:
February 2018 I sang back-up for a friend inside the Turda Saltmine. 90 meters below ground.

March 2018 I shot a music video for my song “Never Leave”. The song was finished a couple of days ago, so that is something that I might be able to share with you soon.

April 2018 I hung out in central Europe, met the nicest people from the north of Sweden and a white peacock.

May 2018 I went on my first Danube cruise and embarked on an emotional adventure

June 2018 I got comfy in the Romanian countryside and found out I was going to be on Vocea Romaniei (The Voice Romania)

July 2018 I shuffled between Romania and tour guiding without coming up for air

August the same. Add the other end of the Danube and I’ve now seen the whole river.

September 2018 Vocea came on and it was one of the most magical experiences I’ve had. Ever.

October 2018 I got to know Georgia and Armenia and had an emotional crises (well, we all have them right?)

November 2018 I had my first adventure in Morocco. I was offered 200 camels and a goat (but I left with a fever, a dress and some oil)

December 2018 I recorded a song in Timisoara with people I love that I met this year

2018-10-17 10.32.03-1.jpg

Armenia. Pretty stuff.

And then came 2019
I don’t know how January has been for you, but it was rocky for me. Most things in life are moving along nicely (thank you very much) yet emotionally, this has been a roller coaster and days when I feel like I’ve moved through fire, hell and back. But maybe, we sometimes need to break down ALL to it’s most barren, foundational place to then build on that.

So 2019 looks promising:

  • I am working with 2 new producers/songwriters here in Romania

  • I have two more new collabs in the works

  • The song for the music video, as mentioned, is DONE and that means we can get to editing

  • I am heading to Budapest for a little mini-tour in a week

  • There’s more gigs. And more adventures here in Romania, as well as in Morocco (three tours booked, seems I might get more oil and dresses)

I guess it all starts here. Forward is the only way.