Budapest be my Valentine

Budapest, Be my Valentine

You’d think I planned it but I didn’t.
I accidentally put me and my man in Europe’s most romantic city on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Yes, by accident, by chance. Blame the airline. 
Well, I’m not complaining.

And now, when it’s put me in the position to plan an alluring, titillating, rosy cheeked date night with my two loves (sorry T, you share the duplex that is my heart with this city) I’ve decided to do a little inspiring round up for you about my favorite places – my favorites for romance.

So with no further ado, because both you and I have, what I call, “better things to do” (you know, the things we should do that we then put off to do) here we are:

For your (and your beau): A romantic day in Budapest

1. You’ve got to start with breakfast:

Here you have options: either you book a hotel where there’s champagne on the buffet table(I know MGallery Nemzeti by Blaha Lujza tér used to have it. Nagyon romantikus. Fluffy beds too) OR you head on out in the city – because there’s amazing breakfast offers all over.

My choice, with an air of French elegance, is Gerlóczy (you can sleep here too!).
1052 Budapest, V. Gerlóczy u. 1

2. Those first precious hours: Hit the pavement

Explore the district of your choice and make sure you’ll stop for a coffee/beer/wine/waffle. Every district in Budapest has it’s own very distinct flavor and feel. I’ve never before (and I’ve been around) met a city that’s so enjoyable to walk in. I can loose myself in the winding streets forever Remember, I’m a tour guide. My sense of direction is near perfection. We’re talking metaphorically)

If you’re here on a Sunday (you know, Valentine happens to fall on one this year) I strongly suggest that you visit Szimpla Kert. They do this warm, friendly, superb farmer’s market on Sundays, a feast for your senses. You’ll feel positively urban, chic and very very local (though you’ll be elbowing your way to the coffee through other foreigners)

buyer farmer market.jpg
Kazinczy utca 14, 1075

3. Lunch: O.M.G good pizza at Pizzica

My friend Gabriella introduced me to this place very recently.
Her eyes lit up and said “Do you want pizza?”.
It was in her eyes and the tone in her voice. Her enthusiasm was irresistible.

And darling, this is pizza heaven. I would call it high-end, high quality fast food. A MUST. You can thank me later. You’re welcome.
Nagymező Utca 21, 1065 Budapest

4. Afternoon Delight
Well, you could look up the lyrics to the song….
Or take a note from Ron Burgundy  

Then again, instead, you can head on down to Metro 1, and take the cutest and noisiest metro in Europe to Szechenyi furdö. A classic thermal bath. Budapest just isn’t Budapest without it’s hot springs. Even if you fancy yourself what we Swedes call a “badkruka” (“bathjar”. Basically, one who avoids the water), you need to do this. Yes you do.

Szechenyi is where I go in the cold winter months since the outside pools are open all year round. This means that you can enjoy warm gorgeous water while snowflakes fall like flower petals around you. Does it get more romantic than that?
Városliget (the city park, take metro 1)

5. Candle light, red wine and meat.

It’s dinner time. Oh friend, I have so many favorites that if I start listing them we’ll be here all night.

Our focus is oh-la-la-love so we need a certain ambiance, right?

To be able to slip into a dark corner, with your face lit up by flattering candlelight I would suggest Bórbirosag or Pesti-Diszno. Both are perfect for that slinky little black dress, elegantly messed up hair, swiveling a glass of wine in a very suggestive way.

Csarnok tér 5, 1093 Budapest,
Nagymező utca 19., 1065 Budapest

Note: you’ll be tempted to eat A LOT. Just remember, too much Hungarian food in one go might make the night end with you both hurtling down on the bed, asleep before you hit the pillow (you know that kind of heavy, drooling, body-plastered-all-over-the-bed-and-you’re-still-in-your-clothes kind of sleep)

6. More wine, kisses and maybe some music?
This city rarely sleeps or at least it’s a short one.

To finish on a romantic note you can go to any gorgeous bar in the city. Or what I prefer: polish off that bottle of divine wine, pay the bill and head back to the clean-sheet-down-pillow-heaven of a bed.

Kisses and love and happy Valentine’s day

PS: All on this list can be done Solo too. Budapest is one of THE best places to fly solo.