Creative Change-makers

The Budapest Experience

10-12 October 2014

Can art change the world?

This is the weekend to find your voice and get serious about you what to create in the world.


The goal? To show you, once and for all, how to connect your art to what you believe in, how to stop sabotaging yourself and how to start building your following – today.

Me & my co-pilot Mounia Berrada-Gouzi had a conversation about the event. The intention, the background and we made sure to adress some common questions & fears. Want to know if this event is for you? Make sure you watch now.



Welcome to an exclusive event sprinkled with intense workshops, good food, sightseeing, music, art, laughter, bathing (Budapest-style) and sharing of ideas with like-minded people.


We will immerse ourselves in the city for 3 full days, the weekend 10-12th of October


In one way, the Budapest Experience is similar to a retreat

We will have intense workshops, deep conversations and coaching


In between workshops we will explore the city.

Places of creation. Bars, cafés and wonderful restaurants.

You’ll get to meet creatives from Budapest. Hear their stories and be inspired by their work.



It’s a combination of the best of travel with the best of self-discovery.

The focus for our work together is honoring what you truly want to create and the desires you have.

To identify how your work matters for the causes you care about.

How you can become financially abundant & create a following so your work can influence and change the world.


The 4 themes

Your desires

What is it that you truly want to create? What kind of art do you do?

Is it writing, singing, painting or snapping pictures? Building a business?
And how do you look at your life? Do you want freedom, money, being able to travel, have a gorgeous house, work from home, work from cafés, work independently or with other people?

Your cause

What are the issues that fire you up? How can you create meaningful work? Where do you want to be part of the solution?

We’ll help you connect your art with the causes you believe in.

Your inner dialogue

For a full day we’ll explore your favorite blend of sabotage – and how you can free yourself. How does your resistance manifest and what do you say to yourself that’s stopping you?

As both you and I know, the only thing in our way is ourselves. There’s always a way around circumstances but it’s tricky if you keep blocking the path.

Your following

If you want your message to get out and for your voice to matter – someone’s got to be willing to listen. We’ll show you how to start building your tribe today.

The larger and more engaged your tribe is the greater impact you will have on what really matters. It’s also the foundation for creating financial abundance for yourself and will help sustain the work you do in the world.

The Results & who is this for

What specifically can I expect to experience?

And how do I know if this is for me?


This can be your point of transformation.

Yes, I know that can sound like a big promise but it’s true.


I want this to be a turning point for you. Either that moment when you see your dream clearly or the moment when you re-charge to power ahead.


Doesn’t matter if you’re in the beginning of your creative & artistic journey
or if you’ve been doing this for years.


They don’t call it journey for nothing. We all grow, we all change, we all evolve throughout our lives. As people and as artists too.


As you leave the event, as you board that plane back home (or train, or car, or villamos if you’re local) you will be reassured that you can do this. You’re ready for the next step.


You will have released your limiting beliefs. The beliefs that have, conscious of it or not, stopped you from going further before.


You will be clear on how your art, how your expression of creativity, connects to the causes you believe in. I know for some that’s easy. The ones who know what they want to say with their work and know their purpose. For some, like me, the word purpose is daunting and too general, too big. But we do have ideas, opinions and we want our voice to matter. The clarity you will get here is how to make that happen, through what you’re truly good at – your art.


And then, you will have a step-by-step plan to start working from the minute you come home. The ideas, the strategy and tactics to get your message out there.


Even more, you will have a support team.
We’ll keep the community going after the 12th of October. We’re friends now. Plus you’ll have 2 months of coaching with me to keep you going, to keep you on your path.


You won’t be lonely on your journey ahead, because we will all be in it together.



So the question might come up: is this right for MY journey?

What’s important is that you resonate with the following:

- You’re creating some from of art or the word “creative” tugs at your heart

- You care about world issues, social issues, environmental issues or some other cause where you want to see change.


Apart from this, you and your fellow participants might look slightly different.


You might be working as an artist full time
You might be doing it all in secrecy on the side
You might be intensely involved in the non-profit world.
Or not.
You could be a student
Or a 30-something, or 40-something
A mother, a father, single or living with someone


You can be a writer, a poet, a singer, a musician, a photographer, a painter, a visual artists, a jewelry designer, a clothing designer, a graphic designer, a dancer, a choreographer, doesn’t matter

You’re creating something.


But you don’t chase the same dream as other people think you should pursue
You want to create your own standard
You want to make art on your own terms
You don’t want to make art just fort art’s sake


You don’t feel comfortable in a world where people only talk about the actual art
Or chasing fame


You want to have deeper conversations
About what’s happening in the world


Here’s how I see it:
We’re not politicians
We’re not (most of us) journalists
We still have a voice


It took me a long time to see that my voice is at it’s best, it’s most audible, it’s most powerful
when I sing
when I speak from a stage
when I, yes really, perform


And that is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted


It took me over ten years to get that
I want to make that process quicker for you.


So when you leave Budapest you will:

  • Have a stronger sense of purpose, especially for your art. You will also release any guilt about wanting things for yourself (like earning money or having a nice car).


  • You will finally know your voice matters and how you can be heard.


  • You will understand how you’ve sabotaged yourself in the past, and more importantly: once and for all Stop. Now.


  • You will have the tools for build a following. You’ll get help, specific to you, on how to implement. A following, tribe or fans (whatever you may call them) will give you impact, money and the power to change the world.


  • You’ll be part of group experiences so you can support & learn from each other. This creates connections and it’s foundation of building lifelong friendships.


  • You’ll have one-on-one time with the coaches and workshop leaders. This weekend is all about YOUR work, your business, your causes, your next step. So you’ll have plenty of time to dive deep, with support, to make sure that you’re ready to get to work.


  • Your cup will overflow with inspiration and energy. You’re going to rock (!) your crazy dream from the minute you leave Budapest.


  • Not only that – this is about building something that lasts. We’ll keep the conversation going after the event.


  • You have explored the city through guided walking tours. Learned about the history of Budapest, the revolutions and bravery of people who came before us.


  • You have met local entrepreneurs and artists. Had conversations with them and new relationships.  It’s an opportunity to meet people you might never have met, world-changing artists from central Europe.


  • You will know the city like a local.


  • After our time together you’ll have full support to stay on your toes. I’ll be coaching you for 2 months after the event and we’ll keep the group together online.


This is about community. Friendship. Collaboration. And owning your own power.

The Team

Your personal cheerleaders

Nobody does it alone.
Neither do I.
I’m blessed to have an incredible team behind me.

We are all focused on creating an amazing weekend. For you.

And we can’t wait to meet you.


Lina Sandén, initiator & leader

I’m a singer, songwriter, resistance coach for artists and tour guide (and a former local of Budapest).

The idea for Creative Changemakers event started to form a little over a year ago.

I’ve always been working in music in some form and I always dreamed of being a singer. A popstar, a rockstar a musical theater star. But life had other plans for me.

For long as I can remember I’ve cared about doing good. Serving, even though I didn’t call it that as a teenager. Since I was 16 (so over a decade) I’ve worked in the non-profit sector.

And there was a point where I felt that I couldn’t connect the pieces together. My artistic, creative side as a singer with my need to do something that would matter, to help the causes I wanted to contribute to.

I wondered: If I focused on art, was that just serving the ego? Other than that, would my work be any good? Would it matter? Would I be able to find collaborators who would share my intention? Would I be able to make those songs truly come alive?

I resisted music. The music I truly wanted to make, for over ten years. So even though I was working in music, I kept my dream close to my heart.

There wasn’t one life-defining turning point. I had several. And they all had to do with reaching out, meeting new people and taking a risk. I did B-school (an 8 week online course in having a business you love and a big investment)  I moved to Budapest to study hungarian. I went to auditions that terrified me. I worked with producers from all over Europe. I released a song on a trance label (a new genre for me).

And then I went to Alive in Berlin, where I finally met people like me. People I quickly connected with because we shared the same values and had similar intentions with our work – even though we didn’t do the same things.

What I want for you is to get to clarity and a sense of excitement about your work, and quicker than I got there. It took me over ten years to understand that I could do things my way, that I dind’t have to chase the same kind of “music career” that everybody told me I should.

We live in a time where we have endless opportunities to let our voices be heard. I believe in you and I hope we’ll meet in Budapest on the 10th of October.

And remember:
“The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”
- Steven Pressfield, author of War of Art:


Mounia Berrada-Gouzi: Co-pilot

Mounia is a true citizen of the world  (she’s half German, half Moroccan, & has lived, worked and studied in Germany, France, Spain and the UK) and works as an events professional, supporter of entrepreneurs and visionary.

As co-pilot of the Budapest experience, Mounia will be there to support you, answer questions and guide the way.

After nearly 2 years in the corporate world in the banking sector, she decided that fitting in and squeezing her personality into a pre-defined “box” was just not for her. So in May 2013 she embarked on her own adventure to work as a freelancer in the Events sector, as well as running a blog on personal development and inspiration. Recently however, her role has increasingly revolved around supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in putting their ideas into action. She loves supporting people in realising their vision and helping them succeed.

Mounia is true to herself. She sets high standards for herself and others and for the type of life she wants to live. She believes that life is simply too short and too precious to waste, doing something you hate or fitting in for the sake of it.

“I believe that it is essential that each of us find his of her Element, not simply because it will make us more fulfilled but because, as the world evolves, the very future of our communities and institutions will depend on it” – Sir Ken Robinson

In her own words: “I cannot wait to see you shine!”


Michał Szafrański: Workshop Leader

Michal Szafranski is 9-to-5 job renegade, full time blogger and the winner of several “Blog of the Year” awards along with “Most Inspiring Blog of 2013 in Poland” award. Passionately blogging about personal finance and money saving, he lives by his words. He is being considered one of the top-earning Polish bloggers.

His blog has a great following of 170 000 unique users per month, he has over 24 500 Facebook fans and an engaged community. He is a follower of Pat Flynn’s “Be Everywhere” strategy and is being the regular guest of TV and radio shows in Poland.

In his workshop in Budapest, Michal will share the details of building your following, engaging the audience and attracting raving fans.



Nina Andrijanic: Workshop leader

Nina has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and she’s a certified emotional intelligence coach. She has studied psychology, behavior and personal development for the last 10 years and she has achieved some major transformation by working on herself.

Nina is passionate about coaching, empowering people and creating a safe space for them to step into their own power so that they can transform into a leader that they know that they are. Nina is on a mission to redifine what being emotional means and to show people that our emotions are our best resourse and asset.

During our weekend together Nina will be hosting a workshop on your inner dialogue &  how to clear your old self-sabotaging behaviors. So you can create everything you dream of.

The City

The Program

Friday 10/10

Workshops: Where you are today, what are your desires and what is your cause?
Today is all about your dreams, ambitions and how to connect the dots.

Sightseeing: The history of Budapest & the power of revolution

Evening: The ruin pubs of district 7

Saturday 11/10

Workshops: Your inner dialogue. How to deal with your self-sabotage and how to “resistance-proof” your life back home.
Sightseeing: This can be a pretty emotional day. So we’re spending the afternoon at a classic Budapest thermal bath.

Sunday 12/10

Workshops: How to create your following, why sharing is caring and how to create financial abundance through your work.

Sightseeing: Culture, street life and modern Budapest.


Thursday 9/10: Welcome drink! For those of you arriving early to Budapest we’re meeting up at a nice bar in the city (not included in price)

*Program and content are subject to change.



How to register – Doors opening on Wednesday August 27!

We’ll be opening our doors at the end of August. First step: click on the orange button below. We’ll send all the details your way.

Remember, this is a small and initimate event. Just a handful of amazing, inspiring people coming together to grow and change the world around them. So before you come we want to know a little more about you. How can we make this weekend spectacular and rewarding for You.

Note: Spots are limited at the Budapest Experience. We can only have a maximum of 10-15 attendees. This is not a marketing trick. We’re creating a safe space, a close community and our focus is relationships.






The price for everything included this weekend is 410 €
(that’s the equivalent of: 3690 SEK, 535 USD, 578 AUD or 12,6604 HUF)




This is an intense workshop weekend.

  • Workshop “Connecting the dots – your desires & your cause”
  • Workshop “Your inner dialogue” (workshop leader: Nina Andrijanic)
  • Workshop “Breaking through resistance” (workshop leader: Lina Sandén)
  • Workshop “How to build your following” (workshop leader: Michał Szafrański)
  • Support & one-on-one coaching
  • Access to workshop leaders the entire weekend
  • Prep-work before coming to Budapest (yes, some homework – but fun homework!)
  • 2 months of follow-up coaching calls with Lina (4 sessions/30 minutes each)
  • Exciting & creative surroundings
  • Change of scenery – we’ll explore several different places in the city
  • Coffee, tea and snacks during workshops
  • “The history of Budapest & power of revolution” (walking tour)
  • “Culture, street life and modern Budapest” (walking tour)
  • Exploring hidden gems only locals know about
  • Meeting local entrepreneurs & artists
  • Ticket to thermal bath
  • 3-day ticket for local transportation (metro, bus, tram)

Not Included

Budapest is a magnificent city. Your time here should be as glorious as possible.
If your staying for longer than our three days together, I dont’ want you to have to check out/check in several times.

Some people like hostels. Some prefer to live in the lap of luxury.
Some swear by Airbnb.

You decide where you want to stay.


When you reserve your spot, a welcome package will be sent to your inbox.
In there you’ll find my favorite hotels and other accommodation options. As well as information about how to get to Budapest.

How you get to Budapest is your own choice. Flying through the clouds or watching the world from the train.


When you reserve your spot, a welcome package will be sent to your inbox.
In there you’ll find my favorite hotels and other accommodation options. As well as information about how to get to Budapest.

Even though we make reservations at the best restaurants in town, lunch & dinner is not included in the price. Why not you might ask?
I believe that you should eat what you want & indulge in what you love. This way you can choose what you want from the menu, having something light or something incredibly rich and gorgeous – depending on your mood.
We will try everything from traditional Hungarian food to modern street food.

I would recommend a budget of 20-30 Euros per day for both lunch & dinner. Cheaper options will be available. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

When you reserve your spot, a welcome package will be sent to your inbox.
In there you’ll  information on how to get to Budapest, accommodations options and more.




 “Before working with Lina, I’d spent 3 months failing spectacularly at writing any new music.  All of my demons popped up whenever I opened up my lyric book, and I gave up easily.  But within a week and a half of starting Lina’s intimate coaching program, I broke through my resistance to connect with a local producer and (finally!) succeed in writing (AND recording) a new track.”

- Nicole Marietta, Singer & songwriter. Find her at




The big picture

The Blog

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The Beginning

I hope you feel inspired to join us in Budapest this fall. This is only the beginning.


It’s not just about the work .


You’ll be introduced to new friends. People, from all over Europe (hey, even the world) who yearn to create something that matters – just like you do.
Likeminded, open, creative people who understands the quest for creating change in the world.


I want you to leave Budapest feeling radiant.


Glowing with the certainty of being exactly where you belong. Having a support system, people who will be there for you and understand your crazy dreams


I want you to leave with a plan of action (and not just on paper, I know you’ve made lists before).
I want you to feel so confident, so ready to make that phonecall, hire that designer, approach that collaborator, sell that product, write that song, pitch that publisher or whatever it may be. I want you to take action the day you step off the plane back home.


I want radical, mind-blowing success for you. The success you want and crave (not the success other people think you should have)



Me & my team will do everything in our power to help you get there and cheer you on.



Questions? I’d be happy to answer them

Our location

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