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Having more than one passion and more than one goal you want to achieve can be confusing.

You want to create art, travel the world, make money and have an impact on peoples lives. Those are big beautiful goals.

In this 3 email course, when I talk about clarity I talk about:

  • Knowing, in your soul, what projects are truly important to you
  • Feeling confident to choose the projects you crave
  • Seeing how your projects, your finances and your lifestyle dreams FIT together.

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gloria“Lina’s BTR program shifted me from a complete “stall” in my creative process to “drive” mode. Her honesty, compassionate support, humor and non-nonsense approach helped me move through all kinds of excuses, procrastination and self-sabotage. Thank you, Lina for understanding what creative souls struggle with and designing a roadmap to help jump start us and get us moving and creating! Vrooom, vrooom!”
Gloria OwensVisionary artist, graphic designer & photographer

My favorite tips

I know you want to create a beautiful multi-passionate life – or just maintain it if you’re already there. For many of us that means combining projects, work, travel, giving back and relationships. Many of us are entrepreneurs and work…


The joy of Travel

Travel is what lights me up. It’s what gives me fuel, what inspires me to write and sing. The journey. The meetings. The history, the culture, the people and the food. Here I’ve collected some articles that I hope can…


Giving back

Giving back to organizations and causes I believe in, is a part of my life. It’s a part of my business. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector since I was 16. I know the impact and power we can have,…